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Welcome FrontSpin Users!

This guide is designed to help you resolve any common new user issues you may experience and to provide basic requirements for using FrontSpin.

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FrontSpin User Requirements:

 Users must configure their notification, phone and email settings before starting to use FrontSpin. See FrontSpin New User Training Video (12 min).

 Users must be hard-wired to the internet and Wi-Fi should be turned off. FrontSpin is a VOIP (Voice Over IP) system, so having a stable, reliable connection will provide the very best call quality and dialing experience. See article for an explanation of why not to use Wi-Fi.

Users must use Google Chrome browser with FrontSpin. It’s important to make sure you are on the latest version (check SETTINGS > HELP > ABOUT GOOGLE CHROME) and it’s also best to clear the browser cache periodically (SETTINGS > MORE TOOLS > CLEAR BROWSING DATA) with the Time Range set to ALL TIME and specifically the “cached images and files” checkbox checked.

 Users must have a good USB or Bluetooth headset with a microphone and must make sure to configure the headset properly in the computer settings. The microphone must also be allowed in Google Chrome (upon making your first dial, there will be a popup in Chrome asking to allow microphone access).

 Users must have a good mid-specification Windows or Mac computer, generally one made within the last 1-3 years. Older computers may struggle when handling modern VOIP-based technology.

 Users should have the latest OS (Operating System) on their computer. Check to make sure there are no new Windows or Mac updates to install.

IT / Network Requirements:

 Certain UDP/TCP ports and IP addresses must be enabled and whitelisted on the network for FrontSpin to function properly. See list of required ports and IPs.

 If there is a router on the network, QoS should be setup to give priority to VOIP traffic.

Sufficient internet bandwidth is required (this is relative and depends on how many users are sharing the network and what type of activities they do (e.g. video conferencing and VOIP telephony are more data-intensive than common internet usage).

 It is recommended that your network has the following characteristics:

  • Less than 5% packet loss
  •  Less than 70ms Latency
  • Less than 10ms Jitter

Important: When adding FrontSpin users, let us know where those users are physically located so we can allocate them to the closest voice servers.

Common New User Issues and Resolutions:

> ISSUE: I can’t dial out.

Make sure you have configured your phone settings (see New User Training Video), specifically your IDENTIFICATION setting under SETTINGS > PHONE SETTINGS > CALL MANAGEMENT. The default ID to use is “Show assigned Personal Call ID.”

Check to make sure your Google Chrome is up to date (SETTINGS > HELP > ABOUT GOOGLE CHROME).

Clear your Chrome browser cache (SETTINGS > HISTORY > CLEAR BROWSING DATA) using the Time Range set to ALL TIME and specifically the “cached images and files” checkbox checked.

Refresh your page in FrontSpin to see if the issue is resolved.

> ISSUE: I tried that, but I can’t dial out.

If you are getting a WebRTC error, that means Google Chrome cannot access your microphone. See microphone settings.

Please try rebooting your computer.

If the problem persists, please email us at with any details and screenshots you have. Our team will promptly assist you in resolving the issue.

> ISSUE: I can’t click the EMAIL button.

Make sure you have configured your email settings (see New User Training Video), specifically making sure to connect your email account to FrontSpin under SETTINGS > EMAIL SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS.

> ISSUE: I can’t connect my email account. 

The standard email connection requires only a username and password, but if your email provider or IT team has enabled additional security measures such as 2-Factor Authentication or requiring the Exchange Server Name and Exchange Server Username, you will need to check with your administrator or IT team to provide that additional information.

> ISSUE: My issue was not listed here, what do I do?

Please email us at with any details and screenshots you have. Our team will promptly assist you in resolving the issue.

Updated on March 13, 2020

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