Release Notes 03.08.2018

What’s new in FrontSpin?

1) Playbook Steps Due Now

Users can now see Playbook steps that are due now by clicking “Show what’s due now” checkbox – this will filter out the steps with 0 contacts in them as well as show users only the contacts that are available to be called/emailed based on the time gap/schedule set in the playbook. Users will also see the number of contacts available now / all contacts (i.e. 15/32):

2) Email Editor Improvements (Spacing, Bullet Points, pasted text format)

Various improvements to the email editor formatting including spacing, displaying bullet points lists in Outlook desktop app, and keeping formatting from copy/pasted text as much as possible.

3) Call Notes Formatting 

Users can now have paragraphs and bullet point lists in call notes, and the formatting will be preserved once saved (notes won’t be compressed).

4) List View Columns Adjustments 

Now the columns that a user has selected/deselected on a certain list will be preserved if a user navigates away from the screen and returns back to this list


Updated on May 9, 2018

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