Release Notes 05.23.2019

1) Other/Social Playbook Steps V1

In version 1 of adding new social features, we have added a new Playbook Step type called “Other/Social,” which you can use for things like prospect research, connecting on LinkedIn, sending tweets, etc.

On their List/Playbook view, users can add these social fields (e.g. LinkedIn URL, Twitter URL, etc.) using the cog icon for that List. As you see in the image below, the LinkedIn URL has been added to the user’s view…

Once users have completed the social/other action, they can move the contacts to the next step of the Playbook by bulk selecting the contacts using the ‘select all’ checkbox for that Playbook Step (next to the Priority field) or by selecting individual contacts and then clicking the blue drop-down arrow for that List, selecting ‘Move Contacts To’ and then selecting the next Playbook step to move them to…


Please Note: for this feature to work properly, your List must have the following checkbox selected under your List’s ‘Entry Criteria’ settings… “Contacts that entered the list based on the entry criteria and were moved manually within the same list should still comply with the entry criteria”.




Updated on May 24, 2019

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