Release Notes 4.19.2017

What’s new in FrontSpin?

1) List/Playbook/Step Information On Contact Pages + Move To/Remove Actions

Now users can see which List(s)/Playbook(s)/Playbook Step each contact is in, as well as have access to Move/Remove actions on the Contact Page:

Playbook Info on contact Page

2) Page Layouts

Now Managers/Admins can customize the layouts/order of the fields on the left-hand side of the Contact Page for each user.

To do that please click on the Settings => Your Organization => Layouts => Add Layout

From this screen, users can create new layouts, delete old ones, edit current ones, etc.

After clicking “+Add Layout,” the user can give the layout a name and is able to add any of the fields Mapped to the left-hand side of the Contact Page and then move them up or down by simply dragging and dropping:

Customizing Layout FrontSpin - SDR
This feature is available for the 4 Salesforce objects: Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity.

Created Layouts then could be assigned to users under Settings => User Settings => Users => Layout. Each user can have a separate Layout:

Assigning Layout to the User FrontSpin

3) Read Only Fields

Now it is possible to define Read-Only fields in FrontSpin by clicking the “R.O.” checkbox next to field name under Layout Set Up.

FrontSpin Read Only Fields


Updated on May 9, 2018

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