Release Notes 5.17.2017

1) Email Type (Outbound/Inbound) logged to SFDC

Now all emails that are sent through FrontSpin or your Email Client are labeled as “Outbound” or “Inbound” on each completed Salesforce task (using the standard Salesforce field “Call Type”). This enables deeper reporting on Email Activity.

2) New Dashboards for Email Activities

We updated our Salesforce Reports & Dashboards package to include Email Activity Reports based on the featured described above. Now you can see Total Outbound, Inbound & Other Emails (for any manually logged email tasks, emails sent through Salesforce, etc.).

To install this please use the following link:

If you already have FrontSpin Dashboards installed in your Salesforce, please uninstall the previous version prior to installing this new one that includes Email Reports.

3) ACTIVE (On/Off) Toggle To Stop Email Queue

If your Playbook step has started sending emails, but your need to stop them from continuing to send (maybe you made a mistake on the email template, etc.), you can abort the email queue for the Playbook by toggling the ACTIVE button to OFF.

4) Required Fields & Read Only Fields on Page Layouts

Now you can mark fields as Required or Read Only on page layouts in FrontSpin by checking the checkboxes next to those field names in the Page Layouts editor (“REQ.” for Required and “R.O.” for Read Only):

5) Field Dependencies on Page Layouts

Admin users can now set up field dependencies on the Page Layouts editor by clicking on the field names (in blue):

For dependencies: controlling field could be checkbox or picklist format, dependent field can only be picklist/multi-picklist format. Multi-select picklists can be dependent picklists, but not controlling fields. Checkbox fields can be controlling fields, but not dependent fields.

Layouts that contain dependent picklists must also contain their controlling picklist fields.

If a dependent picklist is required and no values are available for it based on the controlling field value, users can save the record without entering a value. The record is saved with no value for that field. One controlling field may have multiple dependent fields.

Controlling field types:

  • “Unavailable” – fields that cannot have field dependencies
  • “Not Set” – the dependency wasn’t created
  • “Field Name”- the name of the controlling field

Dependencies can be created/edited/deleted by clicking the Field Name (in blue) that looks like a link. Admin users can change the controlling field and select the values for each controlling field option accordingly.

If there is field dependency and both fields are required, the user can’t save it (the SAVE button is greyed out) until the dependent field value is selected. Users will see the fields highlighted in red if they have forgotten to fill out the required fields.

6) HTML Editor

Now users have the ability to add HTML to the emails using the </> symbol on the FrontSpin email editor: