Release Notes 3.8.2017

1) Last Call Date/Time Column in Lists

Now Last Call Date/Time column is available in the List and can be sort based on.

Please note that last Call Date/Time is logged for the calls that got picked up (by a prospect/voicemail machine, etc.) and it needs to mapped under Settings => Integrations => Mapping, and enabled under Settings => Integrations => Advanced.

Last Call Date:Time

2) Automatic Emails, A/B Testing, Pre-selected Templates 

Users can now select a template for each email step and have multiple variants for A/B Testing. They can also decide if the step will be a Manual or Automatic Email.

Automatic Email

AB Testing

Automatic emails will be sent according to the schedule attached to the step and time gap set. If the first step in a Playbook is an automatic email, we recommend setting up a time gap on that first step just incase, in order to have time to make changes in case of mistake. Normally the first step in a Playbook would not have a time gap.

Defining Mailboxes from which Automatic Emails will be sent:

a) If the List Owner has not been chosen:

You can define the user from whom automatic emails will be sent from, or choose Do Not send if you don’t want to use automatic emails in the Playbook. 

Automatic Email Mailbox Settings

b)If the List Owner has been chosen:

Automatic Emails in this List/Playbook will be sent from the assigned users based on Contact’s ownership. If Contact’s Owner is not one of the users assigned to the List/Playbook (unmapped or just not assigned), a default mailbox for the automatic emails can be selected. If Do Not Sent option is selected — contacts will stay in the playbook step if contact’s owner is not assigned, etc.

Automatic Emails based on ownership

3) Stats for the Email Steps and Variants (Deliveries/Opens/Clicks)

Now you can see how each of your A/B test emails are performing by looking at the stats on each email step: deliveries/opens/clicks.

Email Stats