Release Notes 2.10.2017

1) Local Presence Routing To Last User Who Called

Now calls made through using Local Presence Feature are routed to the last user who called.


FrontSpin User A called Prospect A in NY using a 646 area code local presence phone number. FrontSpin User B also called Prospect B in NY using a 646 area code local presence phone number. If Prospect A calls back on the 646 number, the call will be routed to User A. If Prospect B calls back to the 646 phone number, the call will be routed to Prospect B.

If we cannot match the incoming call’s phone number to one any of the local presence outbound calls that were made by the users, we also set up a “fallback” callback route (to go to one of the users, etc.). This can happen if Prospect A calls back that 646 number from a different phone number than the one he/she was called on by user A.

2) Saving List Order for the Dialer

Users can now sort Lists based on the available columns (like “Number of Email Opens” in the example below) and save that sort order using the “Save Order” button. The dialer will now call dial those prospects in the saved order. So in the example below Aaron Fuller will be dialed first and Aaron Hunter second, etc.


If user goes back to this page after saving, the last saved order is saved.

If a user is the List owner, it will show a popup asking to save for everyone or save for the owner only: