Release Notes 2.3.2017

1) Lists/Playbook Cloning

Users can now Clone any List/Playbook.

If a user clicks CLONE from the blue drop-down arrow on that List/Playbook, it will create a copy of it, assigned to the current user. The user will need to fill out a few items before saving this cloned List/Playbook, such as the Entry Criteria (defaulted to “No Entry Criteria” — this is used for adding Contacts to your List manually) and List Name (defaulted to “Copy of List Name”):



2) All Lists

The ALL LISTS tab is now available (for Manager and Admin users) on the Lists page. With ALL LISTS, Managers and Admins can see and manage all the Lists for their team. 

ALL LISTS can be filtered by Owner or Assigned To:


Using the ACTIONS drop-down (after selecting one or multiple Lists/Playbooks), you can do bulk actions such as Delete, Refresh, Reset, Join or Leave.

3) Shared Lists

When a user creates a List, they can now choose List Sharing settings:


  • Not Shared – The List works the regular way; only the owner of the List and any assigned users to the List will be able to see it.
  • Others Can Only View – This gives all users View Only access under SHARED tab.
  • Other Can View and Join – users can view and Join/Leave the List under the SHARED tab, and be able to Preview or Clone the List/Playbook.



If I as a user Joins the List, it gets assigned to the user and is shown under MY LISTS Tab. Leaving the List does the opposite.