Release Notes 12.15.2016

1) Lists Auto-Refresh

You can now set the time for dynamic lists to be refreshed every X minutes (minimum is 60 min). This will re-run SFDC Report your list is built based on. To enable it while creating a list check “Enable List Auto-refresh” checkbox and set the refresh frequency value in minutes.

2) Email Opens/Clicks Notifications

Users can decide where to be notified by about inbound emails, emails opens & clicks. Settings => Notifications => Email Notifications

They will appear under Notification Tab in the Top Nav Bar.

If the Popup option was selected, users will see popups notifying them that emails were opened/clicked.

3) Number of Opens/Clicks Per Contact and Last Open/Click Date in Lists

On each list/playbook step users will be able to see columns that show the number of opens/clicks per contact and last open/click date of the email. Please note that these number are calculated as totals per contact (i.e. Bob received 2 emails: he opened 1st one 3 times and 2nd one 2 times => total number of opens would be 5 and last open date would be the date of the email he opened most recently).

4) Email Open/Click Tracking Settings in Lists/Playbooks

Users now can decide whether track opens/clicks on per list/playbook basis: this setting will override user settings for opens/clicks (i.e. Vicky has open/click tracking disabled under Settings => Email Settings=> BCC & Client, but she wants to track opens/clicks for a specific List Playbook => she would need to select Yes on open/click settings in the list).

5) Assigning a Team to the List

Users can assign the whole Team to the list.

6) Forced Call Result Selection

Under Settings => Your Organization => CALL SETTINGS, enable the “Set Choosing Call Result is Mandatory” checkbox.

This will not allow users to save their call notes if call result is not selected and highlight call result drop down with red color (please note: this will still allow users to move to the next call)

7) Call Results on Manually Logged Call/Callback Tasks

Users can select a call result if they logged a call/callback manually by completing an open task.

8) Email Queueing Per Mailbox & Email Timezones

Improvements on Email Timezones that affect Daily Email Limits has been made. Now email queue is set per user/mailbox (as opposed to per tenant/account queue prior).