Release Notes 11.30.2016

1) Version 1 of Open/Click Tracking

Users will need to enable the open/click tracking first in the Settings => Email Settings => BCC and Client => Mark the checkboxes “Track Opens” & “Track Clicks”


After that you will see in the timelines on emails that are sent out of FrontSpin how many times email was opened/clicked and date/time for last click/open:


2) Not Logging Email Activity for Contacts Who Have a Specific Email Address

You can prevent FrontSpin from logging email activity for contacts who have an email address matching specific value (i.e. * To do that click on Settings => Email Settings => and enter emails or email domain names that you prefer not to log.


3) Choose Which Phone Number is Dialed by the Dialer

Under your Playbook settings, you can now select which phone number should be dialed by the dialer for leads and contacts (on each Playbook step). 


This way you can make sure you are optimizing your outreach.

4) Move Contacts To/Bulk Remove

You can now Move Contacts To a specific List/Playbook Step (for advancing people to the next step, etc.) or Bulk Remove them from the List.