Release Notes 03.07.2021

1) SMS Messages

DISCLAIMER: Please ensure to send SMS only to the contacts that opted in and comply with TCPA & CTIA guidelines. In the case of SPAM Concerns, FrontSpin reserves the right to terminate the access to the SMS feature for the user or customer.

Now users can send and receive SMS messages from FrontSpin. There is a small fee for the unlimited SMS messaging per user per month, please reach out to your Account Manager to enable it.

Users can click SMS button by clicking SMS at the top of the timeline or next to Call/Email Buttons and typing the message in the pop up window that opens up:

All messages will be stored in the contact timelines and logged to (if integrated):

When users click into the Salesforce activity, the comment section will show the full conversation history.  FrontSpin will pull the text messages every 20 minutes to see if there’s a new message that needs to be updated in the Salesforce activity. If no messages are sent or received after 20 minutes, a new activity will be created in Salesforce when the conversation restarts.

Under the History tab, users can see all notifications for inbound SMS Messages and Mark them as Read, Reply, Call/Email:

Users will receive Inbound SMS pop up, desktop and email notifications (if enabled in the Settings => Notifications => SMS Notifications)

Governance/Throttling Settings

Admins can modify Max SMS Messages per user per 60 mins and 24 hours.

Max number of sms per user per 24 hours (last 24hr) should be set more than 200 .

Send to response ratio per user per number per day should be 3:1 max: 3 SMS messages to a number with no inbound message (last 24hr):