Release Notes 04.18.2021

1) New Default Call Result Feature

Users can now have a default “Call Result” populate their call tasks. 

The default “Default Call Result” value can be set  at the  Playbook step, List and Layout level in that order of Priority. ie if there are two conflicting “Default Call Result” settings, one at the Layout level and one on the Playbook Step, the one at the Playbook step will populate the “Call Result” field.

Default Call Result Added to the List Settings:

Default Call Result Added to the Playbook Settings:

To update this for the Layout, go to Settings->Your Organization->Layouts-> edit the desired layout-> Task-> Click ‘Call Result’. 

From here select a desired call result from the ‘Default Value’ drop down list and click ‘Save’.

Now, when a user is going through their tasks, the “Default Value” will populate. Please make sure to ‘Save’ the changes in order for the Call Result option to take effect. 

3) SMS Opt-out Capability:

If a contact replies to an SMS with the following, it will prevent Users from sending new SMS:


Additionally, the contact can opt back into the messages by replying:


The User will not be able to send a new SMS if the contact has opted out and will be altered if the user has “opted out” of SMS messaging. 

3) UI/UX Improvements:

  • New Settings-> User page
  • New Settings-> Email Settings-> Template Page

  • New SFDC Report dropdown in the New List->Entry Criteria page.
  • Search Email Templates when sending an email:

The interface for these pages have been updated to improve performance and experience. Search functionality has been included as well.