Release Notes 06.20.2021

1) One-Sided Recording

Users can now have the option to record only the 'user side' of calls. This will not record the person the call was made to. This allows for additional coaching or training opportunities while staying compliant with local dialing regulations regarding call recording.

To make these changes go to Settings>Your Organization>Recording Settings: Place the Area codes of the inbound and outbound call which you wish to have "One-Sided Recording". Then click save.

This would be used instead of fully blocking call recording for the specific areas that forbid it without the verbal consent.

2) New 'Limited Access Sales Rep with no Contact Creation' role

A New user type has been added to the available options. This user is the same as a "Limited Access Sales Rep" but also does not have the ability to create a new Contact within FrontSpin.

To change a user's access, go to Settings>User Settings> Users> Click the 'Edit' icon next to the user> Select the 'Access' desired. (This can only be done by users with administration privileges)