Release Notes 10.6.2021

1) Searchable Pick List 

Pick Lists in the layouts now have a search function built in to make selecting the intended option easier, especially if the list is long. The limit of options in the list is 1000 (SFDC limit).

2) Hide 'Related' Section for Leads

The option to hide the 'Related' section in the Lead's layout is now available. To hide this section, go to Settings> Your Organization> Layouts> Edit the selected Layout> Add/Remove the 'Related Tab''.

3) Security Update- "Multiple Session Logout"

An additional security measure has been added to prevent multiple FrontSpin sessions from different locations. The same computer will be able to have multiple sessions, but different locations will not be able to have sessions running. This includes a session in 'Incognito Mode' on the same computer. If a session is initiated in a new location, the user will be logged out and given the following message on the sign on screen:

"You have been logged off from your session because your credentials have been used to login on another computer"