Release Notes 01.09.2022

The following features have been added to FrontSpin:

  • Random Presence 
  • Multi-Column Sort for Lists
  • Phone Fields Mapping to Salesforce (Phone Type, Source Phone Number, Destination Phone Number)
  • User-ID visibility for Admins
  • Email Connection- Enhanced Provider Selection

Random Presence

A new phone ID setting has been added to FrontSpin. If your instance has ‘Local Presence’ you will have the new ‘Random Presence’ enabled. This feature utilizes the bank of Phone Numbers assigned to your instance for Local Presence.

 Instead of matching the prospect’s area code, FrontSpin will select a random phone number to use as the Caller ID. This provides an additional way to attempt contact to prospects, other than the assigned phone number, private call ID, or Local Presence.

The goal of this feature is to help increase the connection rate of calls by providing a new Caller ID option. To assign this option go to Settings>Phone Settings>Call Management> Select ‘Random Presence’ in the Identification section and Save.

***This feature is only available if you have ‘Local Presence’ purchased. 

***This feature is only available for US and Canada contacts.

Multi-Column Sort for Lists

Lists can now be sorted with up to 5 sorting options. When sorting a list, click on the ‘Sort Order’ button. This will launch a pop up for the user to create the sorting conditions for that step in the list.

Click the ‘Sort’ button to apply the new conditions to the step.

Click ‘Save Order’ to save the order for the dialing of that step. 

Users can save the order for themselves, while the List Owner can save the order for themselves or for everyone.

Phone Fields Mapping to Salesforce

Three new mapping options are available to send activity data to Salesforce.

  • Activity Target Phone Type- This is the type of phone contacted (Primary, Mobile, Other, etc)
  • Activity Source Phone Number- This is the caller ID of the User who made the outbound call.
  • Activity Target Phone Number- This is the prospect's phone number dialed.

A custom field must be created in Salesforce to be able to sync these fields. The object must be a Text object. Once the object is created, you must ‘reload fields’ in FrontSpin to have the mapping available.

Feel free to reach out to FrontSpin support for assistance in setting this up.

***This data will only map moving forward, it will not pull historical data.

User-ID visibility for Admins

Admins in FrontSpin can now see the User-ID. This will assist in creating integrations with outside apps. Only the Admin profiles can see this information.

The ID is visible on the Users page, as well as when viewing the user profile details.

Email Connection- Enhances Provider Selection

When connecting an email, users now how the option to use the ‘auto-detect’ for type of email provider, or to manually select the kind of email client (Gmail, O365, etc)