Release Notes 01.10.2023

The following features have been added to FrontSpin:

  • Metro-Presence
  • Auto-Pause Lists
  • Start/Stop Recording
  • SPAM Flag Scan and Clean-up Services

Metro Presence

Similar to Local Presence and Random Presence, Metro Presence allows you to increase the number of phone IDs you wish to have in specific Area Codes. For example, if you prefer to have 50 New York City area codes to be used, FrontSpin can add those additional caller IDs to the list of available numbers.

You can request to have as many numbers associated with an area code that you desire. The functionality of Local Presence remains, where if a prospect calls back on the used caller id, FrontSpin is inteligent enough to route the call to the user who made the call to the prospect.

There are no changes to the front-end, users can continue to use 'Local Presence' as their selected Identification from settings, and if you have purchased metro-presence numbers then FrontSpin will automatically utilize the numbers.

Auto-Pause Lists

A new Function was added to FrontSpin to help manage lists that are not being used. If these lists are using an 'auto-refresh', but are not being actively used, then FrontSpin can Pause the list to stop it from using the Salesforce call.

In "Settings" go to Your Organization>Lists and select the amount of time a List needs to be inactive (No calls, emails, other steps) before it is paused and sent to the "Paused Lists" tabs.

Once on the "Paused Lists" tab, an admin can either un-pause or delete the List.

Start/Stop Recording

The dialer has been updated to allow users to start recording a call if the call is not set to auto-record. Additionally, the user can still stop recording the call if needed as well. The recording button will be clickable as needed when the call is active.

Spam Flag: Scan and Clean-up Service

FrontSpin now offers an added service to Scan and Clean assigned phone numbers. The team will scan with US carriers and 3rd party apps for a 'Spam' or 'Scam' flag and will work on the client's behalf to clean up the numbers. If you are interested in this service, please reach out to your Customer Service Manager to provide you with additional details.