Release Notes 04.30.2023

The following features have been added to FrontSpin:

  • Local Presence/ Random Presence Number Visibility
  • Default Project on Lists
  • Coaching/Monitoring Page Pagination

Local Presence/ Random Presence Number Visibility

Admins can now see the assigned Local Presence/Random Presence numbers in their admin settings. Simply go to:

Settings>Phone Numbers> Local/Random Presence Numbers:

This list is searchable and sortable. 

*If you have Metro Presence enabled, those numbers will be displayed here as well.

Default Project on Lists

You can now add a default 'Project' when creating a list. On the list settings, you now have the option to select a 'Default Project'. This list is taken from the main list of Projects created in the admin settings.

When a user is dialing from this list, it will auto-fill with the default Project. If you have mapped that field to a SFDC custom field, it will send that data to SFDC as well.

Coaching/Monitoring Page Pagination

The Coaching/Monitoring page has added Pagination to reduce the number of users displayed to help improve performance. The pages will now display 25 users at a time.