User Equipment Requirements & Recommendations

I. Web Browser

FrontSpin users must use Google Chrome due to the technical requirements of the web technologies used (such as WebRTC). Other web browsers do not provide full support for the technologies used. Google Chrome can be downloaded here.

II. Headset

FrontSpin strongly recommends using a good computer headset (via USB or Bluetooth wireless) with noise cancelling built-in. Below are some models that we recommend to use:

Recommended Headsets

III. Machine Requirements

Any modern machine with an OS running the latest version of the Google Chrome Browser with WebRTC support (Linux/Windows/MacOS/Android).

IV. Network Bandwidth per Rep

FrontSpin recommends a minimum of 100kbps connection per concurrent sales rep.

V. Ethernet Wired vs Ethernet Wireless (WiFi)

FrontSpin requires using a wired Ethernet connection for better results and call quality. 

VI. Network, Quality and Speed Requirements

Although FrontSpin has implemented both state-of-the-art VoIP infrastructure and technology, it is recommended that your network has the following characteristics:

  1. Less than 5% packet loss
  2. Less than 70ms Latency
  3. Less than 10ms Jitter