Mass Updating Leads

Any time you need to mass update leads, there are two simple ways to do it in Salesforce. 

Reasons you might want to mass update leads may include:

  • Adding a segmentation field (e.g. you want to break up a large list into smaller segments for each rep).
  • Adding missing data (e.g. you forgot to add the State/Province field in your last CSV upload).
  • Fixing a typo or incorrect value in a data field.

Method #1 - Use a Lead View

In Salesforce, create a Lead View based on any criteria you want (e.g. Leads with no Segment). 

Within the lead view, you can select how many records to display (up to 200).

At the top of the Lead View, you can Select All and then double-click into any field you want to edit (e.g. double click on the Segment field).

You can then enter a new field value and choose All Selected Records to apply it to. 

Method #2 - Upload a CSV File as Changes

When using the Data Import Wizard in Salesforce, you can choose to Update Existing Records and match by Name or Email. 

When you re-uploaded your CSV file, it will automatically update the matching records (with whatever fields you choose during the re-upload).