FrontSpin Reporting

In FrontSpin there are several places you can check a user's stats. See also: What is a Connect? and Dials vs. Outbound Calls.

The Mini-Dashboard

If you click on the FrontSpin logo at the top-left of the page, you will see a mini-dashboard. You an use this to see a specific user's stats or to view a team's stats.

To change the view, simply select a different filter...

Please Note: The "Talk Time" stat shown here will only count calls that were >0 seconds in length (e.g. if the rep called and hung up right away or called and the number could not be completed as dialed, those calls will not be counted here). 

The Reports Tab

Clicking on the Reports tab on the top menu will provide you with two core reports, a List Performance Report and a User Activity Report.

In each report, select the users you wish to include...

As well as the lists you wish to include...The List Performance Report will show the details for each list and playbook...

And allow you to expand each playbook to see the stats for each and every step, including A/B tests for any email steps...

The  User Activity Report will show the aggregate stats for each user...

Please Note: The email stats for # Opens and # Clicks are based on unique people opening/clicking the emails, not the total number of opens/clicks. For example, if Person A opens the email 10 times and Person B opens the same email 5 times, the report will show a total of 2 opens since it done by 2 unique people opening the email. 

All of these reports can be exported at the top-right of each report page..

Salesforce Reports 

If you have Salesforce connected (not applicable for our standalone users), all of the activity data from FrontSpin will be logged there. This allows you to create any custom reports and dashboards you need within Salesforce. 

FrontSpin offers several installable Salesforce packages to provide out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, as well as additional data-tracking fields.