International Dialing

International dialing must be enabled for your account, this is an add-on service. 

FrontSpin offers full international dialing capabilities. Make sure to use the standard e.164 format for international numbers. The standard e.164 format starts with the +country code, then area code, followed by the phone number. 

Example:  +442071838750.

When dialing a correctly formatted number, FrontSpin will automatically add the country flag within the dialer: 

If your phone numbers are not correctly formatted (e.g. missing the country code), then you have two options: 

1) You can self-select the country flag within the dialer: 

2) You can set your "dialing plan" under SETTINGS => MY PROFILE => DIALING PLAN. 

A "dialing plan" is the default country code that will be applied to any phone numbers you dial. For example if you dial any 10-digit number in the US, you don't have to add the +1 country code at the beginning if your dialing plan in set to the US. If you were calling into the UK a lot, you would set your dialing plan as the UK so you wouldn't have to add the +44 country code before each call.