Conferencing and Transferring Calls

Here's a quick guide on Conferencing and Transferring Calls:



While you are speaking with a Contact in FrontSpin, you may place the Contact on hold and click the ADD CALL button in the dialer to conference in or transfer to another person. 

In the example below, you are currently talking with Tony Stark... 

Once you click the ADD CALL button in the dialer, you are taken to a screen where you can select a Phone Number / User / Contact to call next.

In this example, you put Tony on hold for the moment, select Contact and search for Thanos of Titan…

Click the DIAL button to call Thanos. Once he picks up, you will see the JOIN CALLS button becomes available in the dialer and you will have three options:

  • If you want to COLD TRANSFER the call, immediately click JOIN CALLS and HANG UP. 
  • If you want to WARM TRANSFER the call, tell Thanos what's going on with Tony first, then click JOIN CALLS and HANG UP. 
  • If you want to CONFERENCE, just click JOIN CALLS and stay on for the conference call. 

Do a cold or warm intro, then JOIN CALLS...

HANG UP to transfer or stay on for the conference...

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