August 2022: New Feature - Pause List & Recording

August 2022 New Features:

Pause List Feature:

If your team has a lot of lists, we have enabled a pause list feature that allows you to not waste API's on lists that have not been used in an allotted amount of time. The default time frame in the app is set to pause a list with no activity after 90 days. This is a customizable time frame that can be edited in your organization settings. You will see a new tab under "Your Organization" called lists where you can choose the time frame and then activate the feature. Please see attached video for example. The list is not removed/deleted when paused and can be reactivated whenever necessary. 

Manual Start/Stop Recording:

This feature allows for a user to start/stop recording a call while dialing. If you want your user to have the ability to begin or stop recording a call, on top of it being automated by your choice(from the organization settings), then this can now be an option as well. 

To be able to activate this for a user, please go into the settings.

Then, go to the users tab and select the user you would like to change this for. 

To activate this feature, please select on-demand call recording under "recordings" after selecting the desired user.