Importing Leads (via CSV File) In FrontSpin

Here's how to import leads (via CSV file) into FrontSpin: 


1) Make sure that all data is separated into individual columns. For example if you have multiple phone numbers for someone, don't have those all in one column... instead have each one in separate columns (e.g. Phone, Mobile, Office, etc.). Make sure all your data is ready for upload because there is no undo button and no way to delete that upload. 

2) Use the SEGMENT field if you need to tag leads in certain ways. Think of SEGMENT as a tag that you can use to divide a larger list into smaller chunks. For example, I have a list of 1,000 leads to upload, but I want those to be divided into 4 different lists... I would include a SEGMENT column in my CSV file and tag the first 250 leads as "ExampleSegmentA", tag the next 250 leads as "ExampleSegmentB", etc. Then I'd use that segment field in my list criteria when Creating Conditional Lists & Playbooks

3) If you are using the OWNER field to assign leads, make sure your CSV is using the user's FrontSpin username as the owner. Example...

4) Any date fields you import via CSV must be in the ISO format yyyy-mm-dd or yyyy/mm/dd. Please double-check that before importing.

5) If you make a mistake during CSV upload (for example forgetting to upload a certain field or uploading data to the wrong field), you can fix it afterward be re-uploading as a change to the existing leads. Make sure to match for duplicates (by Name is the most common way) and then select what to have happen when there is a match...