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Conference Calling / Warm Call Transfer

While you are speaking with a Contact in FrontSpin, you may click the ADD CALL button in the Dialer to conference in (or warm transfer to) another Contact.

This will place your current Contact on hold while you reach the other Contact.

In the example below, you are currently talking with Gavin Tyler, but now you want to conference in (or warm transfer to) John Bond.


Once you click the ADD CALL button in the dialer, you are taken to a screen where you can select a Phone Number / User / Contact to call next.

In this example, we select Contact and search for John Bond…


Then we click the DIAL button to call John Bond, which places Gavin Tyler on hold for now.


Once John Bond picks up, you will see the JOIN CALLS button becomes available in the dialer, click on that:


Now you are on the phone with both Gavin Tyler and John Bond and Gavin Tyler.

If you wish to hang up now (completing the warm transfer), Gavin Tyler and John Bond may continue their conversation.

Else, you may stay on the line and the three of you may continue your conference call together.


Updated on October 3, 2016

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