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Mapping Salesforce Fields to FrontSpin

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By default, FrontSpin syncs to the following fields in Salesforce. Some are purely internal fields, only visible to the API, but others are automatically mapped to the FrontSpin user interface (for example: Lead Status, First Name, Last Name, Title, Phone, Email, Company, etc.) These “mapped” fields are visible whenever you go to a Contact’s page in FrontSpin.

In order to customize your FrontSpin experience further, FrontSpin offers you the ability to map additional fields (including custom fields) from the Lead | Contact | Account | Opportunity objects in Salesforce.

In FrontSpin, go to SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS > MAPPING and you will see the list of Salesforce fields available for mapping.


You can map as many fields as you want (however, in order to keep the interface clean and tiny, we recommend a “less is more” strategy, only mapping the most relevant fields your Sales Reps will need, thus avoiding any unnecessary clutter.

NOTE: Any time you map new fields, make sure you click the SAVE button at the bottom-right of the page on each object (Lead | Contact | Account | Opportunity) and when you are all done, finally click on the BULK SYNC FIELDS button at the top-right of the page in order to sync those new fields with Salesforce.

Once a bulk sync has been initiated, you will begin to see progress notifications in FrontSpin under the “( ! )” icon . Once the bulk sync is 100% completed, refresh your web browser and you’re all done!



Now, you will see those new fields in FrontSpin. Examples below…

Lead Page Layout with Mapped Fields 


Contact Page Layout with Mapped Fields


Account Page Layout with Mapped Fields


Opportunity Page Layout with Mapped Fields


Updated on October 4, 2016

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