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Note: Please make sure you have your personal Task Notifications settings configured on your account. If you have not configured these yet, please see the TASKS section of our FrontSpin New User Setup and Configuration Guide.


FrontSpin has a Unified Tasks View that shows your overdue and upcoming tasks. It can be configured to show tasks up to 30 days in the future.



  • Calendar (top left-hand side) – you can select any date to show tasks in that specified range. Typically you would want to select today or the start of your current week.
  • Date Area (top-center) – You can always click on the TODAY link to get your most up-to-date tasks information.
  • Task Owner – By default you would be looking at your own tasks, but if you want to see another user’s tasks, you can search for their name here.
  • Show – you can choose to see tasks due Today, this Week or in the next 30 Days. You will always see any overdue tasks as well.
  • Show Completed – by default you will only see your uncompleted tasks, but you may check this checkbox to see completed tasks as well.
  • Task Filters (Calls / Emails / Demos / Meetings / Others / All) – by default you will see all tasks available, but you may choose to filter down only to specific tasks, such as seeing only your Email tasks.
  • Add Task – you can create a new task and assign it to a contact in FrontSpin.


  • Overdue – shows any tasks that are currently overdue.
  • No Due Date – shows any tasks you forgot to specify a due date for.
  • Specific Dates – shows upcoming tasks by specific dates.


  • CONTACT – click on the Contact’s name to go to their Contact page.
  • TASK – if the task type is Call, you will see a CALL link that will begin calling the Contact and take you directly to the Contact’s page.
    • PENCIL – you may click on the pencil icon to edit the current task.
    • CHECKBOX – you may click on the checkbox to complete the task.



Once you have clicked the “+ ADD TASK” button, you will see a new Task creation page.


  • Task Type (top row of icons) – choose the type of task you want this to be. If it is a CALL or CALLBACK task, you will have the option to click-to-call on the Unified Tasks View and on any Task popup notifications.
  • Subject – you will be able to see and read this on the Unified Tasks View and on the Contact’s activity timeline.
  • Comments – any additional comments or details you wish to add to the Task.
  • Date – choose the due date for the Task
  • Time – this is optional, but if you enter a time, make sure to use the standard format (e.g. 10:00 AM).
  • Related To – you may assign this Task to an Account / Opportunity / Contact using this drop-down menu.
  • Assign Task To – by default the Task is assigned to you, but you could assign it to a different user instead.
  • + ADD USER – you may assign a single Task to multiple users.
  • SAVE AND FOLLOW UP – this saves the current Task and then allows you to create another new Task.
  • SAVE – this saves the current Task.
Updated on September 30, 2016

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