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What are the best practices for leaving pre-recorded voicemails?

Using pre-recorded voicemails in FrontSpin can be a great time saver.

To pre-record your voicemails, go to SETTINGS > PHONE SETTINGS > VOICE MESSAGES and click on the “+ ADD FILE” button.

Essentially, you have two options when pre-recording your voicemails:

  1. You can record the entire message all at once (if no customization is needed)
  2. You can record only the body of the message and then do a live introduction to the person you are calling before dropping the pre-recording on top of the live introduction. It all goes together as one longer voicemail.

Best Practices

  • Avoid recording a time gap in your audio. When you click the RECORD NEW button, start speaking immediately and then once you are done speaking, make sure to immediately stop recording. record-a-voicemail
  • Avoid leaving a time gap between live introductions and dropping the pre-recorded voicemails on top of the live introductions. The moment you are done speaking your live introduction, make sure to have your pre-recorded voicemail already selected in the drop-down list and immediately click the LEAVE VOICE MESSAGE button.
  • Before using pre-recorded voicemails with your prospects, try it out yourself first by calling your own cell phone and leaving a few messages. You will get to hear exactly how it will sound to your prospects and if you notice any time gaps, you can work to adjust that and get it exactly right.
Updated on October 28, 2016

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