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What do the List/Playbook numbers mean?

When looking at your LISTS page, you will see some numbers next to the List names, for example the “Avengers Campaign” List shows (14/14) and the “Dialing For Dollars” List shows (9/12) below…

… these numbers are simply showing how many prospects are available to be actioned (called or emailed) out of the total. So in that “Avengers Campaign” List, all 14 (out of 14) are available to be called/emailed, whereas in the “Dialing For Dollars” List, only 9 (out of 12) are available to be called/emailed.

Expanding down on the “Dialing For Dollars” List, we see that all 9/9 are available to be called in the “Day 1 ~ Intro Call” step, and 0/3 are available to be emailed in the “Day 1 ~ Intro Email” step…

… The reason that 2nd step shows 0/3 in this case is due to the Time Gap between the Playbook steps. When those 3 prospects were first called in the “Day 1 ~ Intro Call” step, they automatically moved down to the next step and the timer for the Time Gap began. Once the Time Gap has expired, we will see 3/3 available in that step and the emails can then be sent out.

As a best practice, you can use the “Show What’s Due Now” checkbox at the top-middle of your LISTS page…

… with “Show What’s Due Now” checked, FrontSpin will hide any empty Lists or Playbook steps and only show you what is actionable right now. Said another way, it shows you exactly what’s on your plate for the day.

For example, in the image below you’ll see that it’s only showing that first “Day 1 ~ Intro Call” step that has 9/9 calls available to be made. The other steps that were showing 0/Total available have been hidden from view since they are not actionable yet (again due to things like Time Gaps, Schedules, steps being empty, etc.).


Updated on May 10, 2019

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