My List Only Shows 2000 Contacts

Salesforce's API limits only 2,000 records to be returned from any Salesforce report. So if you built a List in FrontSpin and your Salesforce report had >2,000 records in it, you would only see the first 2,000 records returned. 

As a best practice, please keep your Salesforce reports under 2,000 records so that all the records can populate into your FrontSpin Lists. For example if you have 10,000 leads in a List, separate them into 5 groups of 2,000 each. That way you can have 5 different Lists in FrontSpin that are fully populated. 

Alternatively you can use the Conditional Lists feature in FrontSpin. Conditional Lists have a maximum limit of 200,000 records and are similar to building Salesforce reports.