When to RESET a List


When looking at a list in FrontSpin, the numbers next to the list name are displayed as (X/Total), meaning how many contacts are actionable right now (X) out of the total number of contacts in that list. 

Here we see all the contacts (11/11) are available to be called and the STATUS column shows them as NOT CONTACTED, meaning they have not been called yet in the current list. 

After all 11 calls are made, we see that it now shows (0/11) and the STATUS column shows them all as CONTACTED. 

At this point, the list is no longer callable. This is where RESET comes in. By clicking the blue drop-down arrow to the right of the list, you can select RESET to set the list back to fresh (just like it was when you first created it) and all the contacts will be ready to be called again. As some like to say, "rinse and repeat." 

Generally speaking, lists are meant to be RESET anytime you want to freshly call through them again. 


Playbooks, on the other hand, should only ever be RESET if you need to start them over for some reason. Resetting a playbook will put all the contacts back into Step 1, including any contacts that have already finished or fallen off of the playbook. 


Before RESET: 

After RESET:

Generally speaking, playbooks should never be RESET because the intention of a playbook is to run contacts through it only once and then be finished.