User Settings and Configuration Guide

Note: This guide is for new FrontSpin users to configure their personal settings. 

*** VIDEO ***

If you are brand new to FrontSpin, watch this video to configure personal settings. Make sure to complete this before using the system.


*** PREFACE ***

In this setup guide, we will walk you step-by-step through the user configuration settings in FrontSpin. To access these settings, click on your name at the top-right corner of FrontSpin and click on SETTINGS.

Next you will see a settings menu on the left-hand side of the screen…

Let’s start at the top with…


*** TAGS ***


  • Standard users do not have access to the TAGS option unless granted by their Admin or Manager.
  • You can edit or create new list tags here. 




    • If you have Track Opens and Track Clicks enabled under SETTINGS => EMAIL SETTINGS => BCC AND CLIENT, you will want to enable these email notifications settings to get real-time notifications. 
    • "Notifications Tab" will display the notifications under the ( ! ) icon at the top of your FrontSpin page, to the right of the PHONE button. 
    • "Pop Up" will display notifications on the bottom-right of your screen. They pop up for a short time and then disappear. 
    • "Desktop" will display notifications at the top-right of your screen even if FrontSpin is not visible on screen (e.g. it's open, but may be behind other open applications). 
    • When setting follow-up tasks (e.g. I will call this prospect next Friday at 2pm), you will want to get notifications when those tasks come due. 
    • You can set individual rules for each task type (Call, Callback, Email, etc.) or simply set one rule for everything, such as "All Others: 10 minutes" (with this one simple rule set, any type of task you have will pop up and remind you 10 minutes before it's due). 
    • When a call comes into FrontSpin it will pop up on the FrontSpin page. If FrontSpin is not visible on screen (e.g. it's open, but may be behind other open applications) then this setting will make sure to notify you at the top-right of your screen so you won't miss that inbound call. 




    • Using “Soft Phone” will allow you to make VoIP calls via your Google Chrome web browser. All you need is a headset with a microphone. This is the preferred method for using FrontSpin. 
    • Using “PSTN” will allow you bridge to a physical phone, such as your cell phone or desk phone. Simply enter the phone number you wish to bridge to when making your calls in FrontSpin. Once a call is placed within FrontSpin, it will dial you and the prospect and you must answer your physical phone to join the call audio. Generally speaking, only use this mode when your internet will not sustain qualify VoIP calls (e.g. you are working out of a coffee shop, airport, etc.). Otherwise the "Soft Phone" option above is best and the fastest option to use. 
    • This section controls your dialing experience as you power dial through Lists in FrontSpin.
    • “Call next record after ending call” is also know as the "speed mode." The moment your call ends, FrontSpin will automatically dial the next contact in the list. This way, you can blitz through your calls with ease. If you need to take detailed notes or do something before moving on to the next call, you can always hit the PAUSE button at the top-right of the dialer. 
    • “Wait ___ before calling next record” allows you to set a Wrap Time in between calls, giving you enough time to log call notes, create follow-up tasks, etc. For example, if you set this to 30 seconds, the moment your current call is completed, you will see a 30 second timer start counting down and once the timer reaches zero, it will automatically call the next contact in the dialer.
    • “Call next record when currently performed action is finished” is also known as the "go at your own pace" mode. Rather than auto-advancing you to the next call, you will simply have a START CALLING button to click on whenever you are ready to call the next contact in the dialer. We recommend this option for all new users (to get used to the system) and for any users that need to do prep work before moving on to the next contact in the dialer. 
    • If you are not available to answer an inbound call as it comes into FrontSpin, you may choose where the missed call will go. For example, you can set his up to say “If I don’t answer the call after 20 seconds, forward the call to my cell phone.”
    • If you choose the voicemail option, enter your email address and any voicemails left for you will arrive as an email with a .MP3 recording attached. You must also record your voicemail greeting under SETTINGS => PHONE SETTINGS => VOICEMAIL GREETINGS.
    • This section controls what phone number is displayed when calling someone in FrontSpin.
    • “Show assigned Personal Call ID” will show your FrontSpin number as the calling number. Each user has a unique FrontSpin number.
    • “Private Call ID” will show your call as private, blocked or unknown.
    • “Other Call ID” allows you in input any number you would like to show on the caller ID. For example, you might make it seem like your cell phone is calling or your corporate office number is calling. 
    • “Use Local Presence” will automatically display a local phone number matching the contact's location (e.g. you call John Smith in Chicago, he sees you calling from a Chicago phone number. If he dials that number back, it rings right back to you). This is an add-on feature, so if you do not see this option in your FrontSpin and you would like to add it, please contact our sales team to discuss. FrontSpin offers local presence in the US and EMEA. 



  • With FrontSpin, you can drop pre-recorded voice messages. You can either record the entire message all up front (if no customization is needed) or record just the body of the message (e.g. "the reason I am calling today is...") and you can even do a live introduction before dropping the pre-recorded part. Example: (LIVE) “Hello Bob, it’s Jake from XYX Corp", then drop the rest of the recording directly afterward. To the person you called, it sounds like you left the whole thing live. 
  • Click on the “+ Add File” button to record a new voice message with your microphone or you can upload an existing audio file as a new voice message.



  • This is your voicemail box, where you can record a greeting for any inbound calls you missed. 
  • Click on the “+ Add File” button to record a new voicemail greeting with your microphone or you can upload an existing audio file as a new voicemail greeting.
  • Make sure to select and SAVE the voicemail greeting you want to activate. As you see in the image below, the Main VM is the active one. 




    • Enter your email that you would like to use in FrontSpin to send emails from. Once you hit CONNECT, you will be prompted to select what email you are using (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Office 365 or other). Once connected, you will see a green checkmark next to your email account. 



    • If you wish to log all sent emails to some other system, you can auto-BCC that system here. 
    • "Use FrontSpin's built-in email client" is the default and best option to use. This allows emails to be sent from FrontSpin directly (using the email account you had connected under SETTINGS => EMAIL SETTINGS => ACCOUNTS). It is highly recommended to enable "Track Opens" and "Track Clicks" so you can track that data and get notifications for those events. 
    • "Use your machine's default email client" is rarely if ever used. This is an older emailing method that allows you to open your web or desktop email client (e.g. Gmail or Outlook) to send emails from FrontSpin, but you lose the ability to send emails in bulk from your FrontSpin Playbooks.



  • Your signature will be added at the bottom of any emails you send from FrontSpin. 



  • Admin and Manager users can create "Organization Templates," which are shared across all users. A standard user can only create "Personal Template," which are only accessible by that user. Standard users can be given access to create organization templates by their Admin or Manager (it's a user role called "Sales Rep with Org Templates). 
  • In the email templates you can add dynamic fields (e.g. First Name, Title, etc.). All dynamic fields have a Fallback option, which allows you to fill in the blank if something was missing in your data (e.g. if a contact doesn't have a first name, instead of saying "Hi (blank)" I want to instead say "Hi There"). In the email editor it would look like this... Hi {{firstName | fallback: "There"}}.
  • You can also use condition fields, which allow the email content to change based on when you send it. For example the condition field {{#if is_friday}} YOUR_TEXT_HERE {{/if}} might be use to say "Happy Friday" at the start of an email sent on a Friday. Or {{#if is_friday}} YOUR_TEXT_HERE {{else}} YOUR_TEXT_HERE {{/if}} might be used to say something like  "Since it's already Friday, let's meet next week" or else "Let's meet this week, what days/times work for you?"


*** MY PROFILE ***


  • Here you can change your password.



  • A "dialing plan" is the default country code that will be applied to any phone numbers you dial. For example if you dial any 10-digit number in the US, you don't have to add the +1 country code at the beginning if your dialing plan in set to the US. If you were calling into the UK a lot, you would set your dialing plan as the UK so you wouldn't have to add the +44 country code before each call. 
  • If your phone numbers are formatted with the international E.164 format (e.g. +442071838750) then FrontSpin automatically dials them correctly. The "dialing plan" is only used when the county code is missing. 



  • Set the user's timezone.