Email Integration

FrontSpin integrates directly with each user’s personal email account, allowing access to their INBOX and SENT folders and granting permission to the following permissions:

  • View your email messages
  • Search your email messages
  • View your settings (e.g., filters and labels)
  • Send email on your behalf
  • Send email that appears to have been sent by you (i.e., from your email address)

Under SETTINGS => EMAIL SETTINGS => ACCOUNTS, each user enters the email address they wish to send emails from in FrontSpin...

Upon hitting CONNECT, the user will be prompted with a choice of what kind of email account to connect to...

When connecting to Gmail, Office 365 or Exchange, it's a simple OAuth connection. 

Sometimes, depending on how Exchange server is configured, there may be additional required fields like Exchange Username and Exchange Server. These details should be provided by the email administrator...

FrontSpin can also integrate with other (old school) email providers through IMAP and SMTP.

After authentication, you will see a green checkmark next to your email account in FrontSpin, meaning everything is successfully connected.

Please Note: If a user's email password ever changes, they will need to go to SETTINGS => EMAIL SETTINGS => ACCOUNTS and re-link their email account with the updated credentials.