Setting Up New Inbound Lead Notifications

It is often important to follow-up on inbound leads right away. FrontSpin allows you to send real-time notifications to your Sales Reps whenever a new lead has come in. These notifications are triggered when a task is created (via Workflow Rules in Salesforce) on those new leads.

The following steps are necessary to set this up. Login into your Salesforce with any user that has administrative access.
1. Go to SETUP => CREATE (on the left-hand side) => WORKFLOW AND APPROVALS => WORKFLOW RULES => NEW RULE.
2. Select Lead as the Object and click Next.

3. Name your Workflow Rule (for example “Inbound Lead Task Notifications”), choose your Evaluation Criteria (for example “Evaluate the rule when a record is: Created,” then select the Rule Criteria to determine which Leads will have follow this Rule (for example Leads with a certain Lead Status or Lead Source). Click Save & Next.
In the example below, we are creating a trigger for Leads that filled out a form on our website, where their Lead Source equals “Web.”

4. Click Add a Workflow Action => New Task

5. Select the Assigned To field; you can decide to assign to a specific User, Lead Owner or Role. If you would like inbound leads to be assigned to your Reps using Round Robin lead assignment, select Lead Owner and refer to this article on how to configure the Round Robin lead assignment in Salesforce.
For the Task Subject, set it as “Call: your text here.” The “Call:” prefix assures that the task is recognized as a Task Type: Call in FrontSpin, which allows reps to have the Dial button available on pop up notification.
Set Due Date to Lead Create Date. Click Save & Next.

6. Click Activate button at the top

7. You should be all set on the Salesforce side. Feel free to run a quick test to see if your triggers are working properly.
8. Each of your Sales Reps need to make sure they have Task Notification enabled in their FrontSpin accounts in order to get the task popup notifications. Please refer our User Settings and Configuration Guide for individual user settings.