Creating Dashboards in Salesforce

To Create a custom dashboard, you first need a Report.

Go to 'Reports' and select ‘New Report’.

Here, we will create an 'Activities' report.

**Note: If your operation uses leads, then select 'Activities with Leads'. But if your operation uses Contacts, select 'Activities with Contacts'.

Once you have selected your activity, select the filters to 'ALL ACTIVITIES' and select the date range for 'ALL TIME' as well as showing 'OPEN & COMPLETED ACTIVITIES'. The last field showing 'Tasks and Events'.

Next, you will need to group what you are wanting to graph OR have a limit of 99 Rows. For this example, we will use grouping.

Go to your 'Outline' (next to 'Filters') and select one of the columns’ dropdown. Then select 'Group Rows by This Field'.

It will then show the column data you want grouped in the view as well as under the Group Rows.

To the right of the screen, hit 'Add Chart'.

You will be able to preview the dashboard you are selecting in the same screen.

You can click the cog to the right of the screen and select a display with properties that works for you.

When you are ready, hit SAVE and run.

And you will see it saved in the Reports tab of your Salesforce screen.

Now go to Dashboards tab in the Nav Bar and select 'New Dashboards'.

It will have you select a report (that you just made).

Then add the graphics (called 'Component') you like...

Then hit 'Add'.

You can edit this component at any time by clicking the edit button in the upper right of the component screen.

And Don’t forget to SAVE!