Email Send Error?

If you are having issues sending emails in FrontSpin, let’s check these few things to resolve the issue….

#1) Go to one of the prospect’s pages in FrontSpin and hover over the red colored icon on the email you tried to send…

If the hover text says:

  • “Automatic Email Send Was Cancelled” then you must have toggled the ACTIVE switch to OFF for that List. Toggling it back to ON will allow you to re-send the emails.
  • “Maximum Number of Emails Reached” then you would need to wait until tomorrow to begin sending again (e.g. daily limit reached) or contact your FrontSpin Admin to increase the daily/weekly email sending limits for your team under SETTINGS > YOUR ORGANIZATION > EMAIL SETTINGS.
  • “Email Credentials Are Out Of Date” then you need to reconnect your email account under SETTINGS > EMAIL SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS. After you have reconnected your email account, you should see a green checkmark icon to show that all is working now.
  • …. else, if your error message says something different, please email us at so we can help you diagnose the issue and get you all fixed up.

Finally, once you have resolved the Email Send Error, you would need to manually resend the emails from your Playbook. After selecting the Contacts you want to email, click on the blue drop-down arrow for the List/Playbook and click RETRY FAILED EMAILS.

Updated on May 22, 2018

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