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FrontSpin New User Setup and Configuration Guide

Note: This guide is for new FrontSpin users (the Sales Reps), which shows how to setup and configure individual user settings. If you are an admin (and not a regular user), please refer to our FrontSpin Admin Setup and Configuration Guide instead.

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In this setup guide, we will walk you step-by-step through the user configuration settings in FrontSpin. To access these settings, click on your name at the top-right corner of FrontSpin and click on SETTINGS.


Next you will see a settings menu on the left-hand side of the screen…


Let’s start at the top with…


  • Email Notifications will show as alerts in the Notifications area up at the top of FrontSpin, and can also show as popups in FrontSpin.
  • Task Notifications will show popups in FrontSpin to remind you about those tasks. You may specify notification settings for each Task Type (Call, Email, Demo, etc.), or you may set a single “All Others” notification setting that will cover all Task Types.
  • Here is an example of a popup notification (see bottom-right)…
  • You will also notice an icon on the top menu (on the image above) that looks like a ( ! ) and has a red “1” next to it. This is your running list of notifications, which you can check any time to see any previous notifications.




    • Using “Soft Phone” will allow you to make VOIP calls via your Chrome web-browser, using a headset with a microphone. No physical phone is required.
    • Using “PSTN” will allow you bridge to a physical phone, such as your cell phone or desk phone. Simply enter the phone number you wish to bridge to when making calls in FrontSpin.
    • This section controls your dialing experience as you power dial through Lists in FrontSpin.
    • “Call next record after ending call” is only recommended if you do not wish to log any call notes or create follow-up tasks. With this option, it will automatically call the next Contact in the dialer once a current call is completed.
    • “Wait ___ before calling next record” allows you to set a Wrap Time in between calls, giving you enough time to log call notes, create follow-up tasks, etc. For example, if you set this to 30 seconds, the moment a current call is completed, you will see a 30 second timer start counting down and once the timer reaches zero, it will automatically call the next Contact in the dialer.
    • “Call next record when currently performed action is finished” will take away any auto-advancement features and allows you to manually click on the START CALLING button whenever you are ready to call the next Contact in the dialer. We recommend this option for all new users or for any users need to do a lot of prep work before each call.
    • FrontSpin only requires a headset connected to your computer in order to make or receive phone calls. However, there can be times where you are not physically at your computer to take an inbound call, so you can setup inbound call forwarding here. For example, you can set his up to say “If I don’t pick up at my computer, after 10 seconds forward this to my cell phone.”
    • This section controls how your phone number shows up when you are calling someone in FrontSpin.
    • “Show assigned Personal Call ID” will show your FrontSpin number as the calling number. Each user has a unique FrontSpin number.
    • “Private Call ID” will show your call as private and therefore not display a phone number.
    • “Other Call ID” allows you in input any number you would like to show. For example, you might put your cell phone number there to show that your call is coming from that number.
    • “Use Local Presence” will automatically update your phone number to show as a local number for any Contacts you are dialing. If you do not see this option on this section, contact FrontSpin Support to have this enabled and configured for your account.


  • With FrontSpin, you can drop pre-recorded voice messages once you get a Contact’s voicemail. You can either record the entire message all at once (if no customization is needed), or record just the body of the message and do the introduction live (example: “Hello Bob, it’s Jake from XYX Corp *CLICK*) and when you *CLICKED* the button to drop that voice message, the rest is added right after your live introduction.
  • Click on the “+ Add File” button to record a brand new voice message or to upload an existing one from an audio file.



  • If you want to send emails as part of your FrontSpin Playbooks, you will need to use FrontSpin’s built-in email client. Here you can connect your email account, such as your Gmail, Exchange, Office 365, etc.
  • If you prefer not to use FrontSpin’s built-in email client, instead choosing to use your own email client (such as Gmail or Outlook), then you do not need to connect an email account here. **Note, if you choose this option, you will not be able to send emails as part of your FrontSpin Playbooks.


    • If you are not using FrontSpin’s built-in email client, instead choosing to use your own email client (such as Gmail or Outlook), you will need to include your “Email to Salesforce” address in order for the email to be logged to Salesforce and to FrontSpin.
    • To find your “Email to Salesforce” address, go into Salesforce, click on your name on the top-right menu, go to MY SETTINGS > EMAIL > MY EMAIL TO SALESFORCE.
    • If you select “Use FrontSpin’s built-in email client,” you can also track email opens and email clicks.
    • If you chooser “Use your machine’s default email client,” make sure to check “Open email in a new browser tab” if you are using a browser-based email client (like Gmail or Outlook Web Access). If you are using a desktop email client (like Outlook), make sure to uncheck this option.


  • If you are using FrontSpin’s built-in email client, you may create a signature here.


  • If you are using FrontSpin’s built-in email client, you may create a templates here.




  • Make sure to change your admin user password from your default password given by FrontSpin.


  • You may update your user Time Zone.
Updated on May 3, 2017

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