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Using FrontSpin’s Power Dialer

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On the LISTS page in FrontSpin, you may choose to launch the Power Dialer in one of 3 ways:

  1. Click on DIAL LIST to dial a particular List
  2. Click on DIAL STEP to dial a particular Playbook Step inside of a List
  3. Or, select multiple Lists and click on DIAL SELECTED (which will call them in order of List priority)

Then, you will see the Power Dialer section appear, along with the Contact’s Page for the current call…



  1. Shows the current List you are calling and if you have added a Playbook to that List, it shows the current step in the Playbook as well.
  2. Shows your previous call. You may click on the Contact’s name to go back to their Contact Page.
  3. Shows your current call… or if you already hung up, shows the number you just called.
  4. Shows your Call Controls:
    • Hang Up
    • Dial (to call the phone number listed in section 3)
    • Mute
    • Hold
    • Send SMS (this is not implemented yet)
    • Use Num Pad (launches the soft dialer to key in a phone number)
    • Add Call (used for conference calling and warm call transfer – see our how-to guide)
    • Leave Message (leave a pre-recorded voicemail)
  5. Shows your next call in the Power Dialer sequence. You may click on the Contact’s name to preview their Contact Page.
    • Skip (skips next Contact)
    • Start Dialing (immediately call the next Contact).
  6. Shows your Dialer Controls:
    • Close Dialer (ends the current dialer sequence… to dial another List, go back to the LISTS page)
    • Pause Dialer (if you have a Wrap Timer set in-between calls, use this to pause the timer)
  7. Shows your current call’s notes and activity log:
    • Choose Call Result (drop-down field to disposition the call)
    • Tasks (if you have one or more Tasks scheduled for this Contact, you will see the “[    ] Complete” checkbox and  “< Prev / Next >” options to select the correct Task you wish to complete.
    • Subject (give your activity a short title)
    • Comments (add any additional notes here)
    • Call Recording (the call recording can be played back or downloaded)
    • Save (complete the activity)
    • Save and Follow Up (complete the activity, but also create a new Task to follow up on with this Contact)
Updated on October 4, 2016

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