Avoiding Spam Filters

FrontSpin is a Sales Email tool as opposed to a Marketing automation tool. FrontSpin integrates directly into users' mailboxes (Sent & Inbox folders) and all emails are automatically synced to SFDC. Since emails are sent directly from your email servers, it is important to keep your sales emailing volume reasonable and configure governance controls and settings to avoid domain blacklisting by SPAM filters.

Below are General "Avoiding Spam Filters Best Practices." Please note that these are common recommendations based on what we've seen, but these do not come with any guarantees.

  • Configure your email safety settings:

    - Maximum emails that can be sent by each user per day (<250 recommended, it is recommended that you start with <100/user per day and increase it 25/user/day each weak up to a max of 250/day)

    - Delay between each bulk email sent (60+ seconds recommended)

    - Maximum bulk emails that can be sent to a single contact per day (1 recommended)

    - Maximum bulk emails that can be sent to a single contact per week (below 3 recommended)
  • Maintain a good IP reputation. Your sending IP reputation is based on many factors, including (but not limited to) bounce rates, blacklisting, spam complaints, lack of sending IP history.
  • Avoid Interactive Content (Forms, etc)
  • Don’t Use Spammy Formatting (i.e. writing in all caps; using exclamation
    points in the subject line; mixing letters, symbols, and numbers to spell words; using several font colors, sizes, or styles; using large font sizes)
  • Keep the Image-To-Text Ratio Low (too many images or too large of an image compared to text in an HTML email can make your message look spammy to a filter)
  • Be Careful with Links
  • Avoid Click Tracking unless you know you’re whitelisted
  • Include Physical Address and a Way to Opt Out
  • Don't use spam trigger words and phishing phrases (WIN, Free!)
  • List hygiene is key to getting past spam filters. If you send emails to unengaged or invalid contacts who ignore your emails, filters assume you're sending spam.
  • Never use deceptive headers, From names, reply-to addresses, or subject lines.

You can check if your mail server IP is listed on some Spam Blacklists: MX Toolbox, DNS Stuff, Sender Score.

Again, the above suggestions are high-level guidelines and not hard rules.

Alternatively, Admins can get a new domain name with mailboxes (yourdomain.io, mailyourdomain.com, etc) and connect these email accounts in FrontSpin to send out emails without concerns about domain reputation.