Call Monitoring

Using the MONITOR feature, Managers in FrontSpin have the ability to review any and all calls made by their team, and can drill-down to see calls for specific users and/or specific date ranges.

To do this, click on the MONITOR link (in the top navigation bar). Here you will see two options:

  • ACD Queues – if you have one or more ACD Queues configured, you will see the incoming calls here.
  • Other Calls – this shows all calls made by your team (outgoing and incoming calls). Here you can drill-down to a specific user or date

You can sort on any of the columns or click on TABLE SETTINGS to turn on or off any of the columns.

You may click on LISTEN to listen to the call recording. Next you may choose any of the recordings you would like to download, perhaps to share in your next sales team meeting, or to use for 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Choose the individual calls you want or SELECT ALL.

When ready, click DOWNLOAD and it will download a ZIP file with all the selected call recordings, as well as as CSV file with a list of the selected calls.


Here are examples of the ZIP file and CSV file after downloading…



Updated on September 30, 2016

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