Status Terms and Meanings

Contacted: shown in any normal lists, marking which contacts were already called.

Not Contacted: the contact was not called/emailed or did not have any attempt to call/email the contact.

Not Contacted Skipped: the contact was skipped during a Dial List/Dial Step activity in the past, but now it could be called again.

Not Contacted Reserved: the contact was reserved during a Dial List/Dial Step activity in the past, but now it could be called again.

Not Contacted Schedule Skipped: the contact was skipped due to schedule configurations in the past, but now it could be called again.

Schedule Skipped: the contact was skipped due to schedule configurations. It is best to check your list schedule and the leads/contacts timezone(s). During this state, the contact is not available during a Dial List/Dial Step activity.

Skipped: The contact was skipped by some user and is not available yet to be called again. When user skips a contact, it is not available for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the status changes to “Not Contacted Skipped".

Reserved: The contact was reserved for a call by some user or it is currently being called. FrontSpin reserves contacts for 30 minutes, making it not available for other users to call. After 30 minutes, the status will change to “Not Contacted Reserved".

Corrupted: shown in any normal lists when your account is reaching more than 1,200 reports asynchronously every 60 minutes. This means your company is refreshing lists to your Salesforce reports a ton and reached the Salesforce thresholds. To remedy this, refresh the list(s) near the start of the hour, like XX:00 to XX:10 (within the first 10 minutes of the top of the hour) which will be outside of the usual auto refreshed list timeframe. Also, try changing your refresh list settings to increase the refresh time for lists for longer that 30 minutes that way you avoid it consuming 4 refreshes per hour.

*NOTE: Best practice is to delete some of the no longer used lists you have or at least set their refresh time to 0 so they do not consume the Salesforce hourly allocation .

Email Send Error: (Email Only) this error occurs when a manual email or automatic email was initiated and not able to send. Check one of the leads/contacts in the list and hover over the email stats icons to see what error message appears.

Email Send Retry: (Email Only) When an automatic email fails to be sent, FrontSpin looks to the configuration from 'Your Organization'->'Email Settings'->'Number of times to auto-retry an automatic email delivery if it fails'. FrontSpin will try again after 24 hours. During this time, the lead/contact will appear with the status of “Email Send Retry". If all retries fail, the status changes to “Email Send Error”.

*NOTE: For leads/contacts in email steps with the status “Email Send Error" or “Email Send Retry", it is possible to click on the action 'Retry Failed Emails' from dropdown list. In this case, the ‘From’ used in emails will be the user performing the 'Retry Failed Emails' action. So make sure that the user designated to own or assigned to that list is the one that takes this action.

**NOTE: during a Dial List/Dial Step activity, the leads/contacts are dialed in the following order:

Not Contacted => Not Contacted Schedule Skipped => Not Contacted Skipped => Not Contacted Reserved

So even if a user sets a Save Order (lead/contact name for example), FrontSpin always will try to get leads/contacts which were never contacted before (Not Contacted) then the leads/contacts which were skipped by the list schedule (Not Contacted Schedule Skipped) followed by the skipped leads/contacts (Not Contacted Skipped) and finally the reserved (Not Contacted Reserved).