How Timezones Work

If you notice your prospects having timezones that are less than precise, ensure the lead/contact information includes the following:

1. Country
2. State
3. Primary/Standard phone number

Frontspin uses the Country to determine the timezone. And when the Country has more than one possible timezone, the system will try to use the State information. If there is no State information, the timezone is defined based on the Country.

 If the timezone could not be determined based on the Country info, then the system will try to use the Primary phone number and parse the phone number to extract the Country/State information to be used for the timezone. 

Here is how the above data is used by FrontSpin depending if you are using Contacts or Leads:

- For Contacts, the Standard Phone, Mobile and Other numbers available will be defined as the Primary and considered for the timezone. If none of the Standard Phone, Mobile and Other numbers is defined as Primary, then the first one found is considered as Primary.

- For Leads, only the Standard Phone number will be defined as the Primary phone for the timezone. 

See below for a basic flow diagram to help better identify the timezone flow.