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FrontSpin Admin Setup and Configuration Guide

Note: This guide is for FrontSpin admin user accounts. If you are not an admin, you may prefer our FrontSpin New User Setup and Configuration Guide instead. 


In this setup guide, we will walk you step-by-step through the admin configuration settings in FrontSpin. To access these settings, click on your name at the top-right corner of FrontSpin and click on SETTINGS.


Next you will see a settings menu on the left-hand side of the screen…


Let’s start at the top with…



  • The “[   ] Update Task Due Date with current Date upon Task completion” checkbox forces a completed task to automatically change its Due Date to the current date. By default a task’s Due Date is set by the user and would remain unchanged when a task is completed.



    • By default “[   ] Enable Call Recording for the Organization*” is turned on, which allows all calls to be recorded and added to the activities in FrontSpin. However, if you wish to disable call recordings, you may do so by unchecking the checkbox. This is a global setting, which affects all users.

    • A “Connect” in our vernacular is a live conversation between a Sales Rep and a Contact. Since it is impossible to determine exactly when a real conversation happens with 100% accuracy, we based this off call duration to determine what should be a connect. By default, it is set to 120 seconds, but you can chance it if needed. Note: If a Sales Rep calls into a phone directory and the call lasts 120 seconds or more, it would still count as a Connect. However, you can always review those call recordings to see for sure if it was a truly Connect or not.

    • Call Result is a text field for activities in Salesforce. Here in FrontSpin, however, we allow you to add multiple choices, turning it into a drop-down selection field in FrontSpin that you use as you are logging your phone calls. Simply choose a Call Result for each call (example: “Left Voicemail,” “Demo Scheduled,” etc.).
    • Select “Set choosing call result as mandatory” to make users have to select a Call Result before being able to save their call notes.


  • Every email provider (Gmail, Microsoft, etc.) has their own built-in anti-spam sending limits. Likewise, here in FrontSpin, you can configure your own limits for your users.
  • With FrontSpin, rather than bulk sending all emails at once, we instead send one email at a time with a small delay between each email. This functions as an outbound email queue. “Delay between each bulk email sent” allows you to set this time delay between each email.
  • “Maximum emails that can be sent by a user per day” allows you to set firm email limits for your users. If a user tries to send more than your limit allows, those additional emails will be sent out the following day from the outbound email queue.
  • “Maximum bulk emails that can be sent to a single contact per day” and “Maximum bulk emails that can be sent to a single contact per week” helps to prevent over-sending emails to the same contact.
  • “Exclude logging of emails…” allows you to exclude emails from certain web domains or email addresses from being logged to Salesforce.
  • “Only a contact’s owner can send emails to the contact” prevents users from emailing contacts they do not own in Salesforce.
  • “Number of times to auto-retry an automatic email delivery if it fails” sets up a retry schedule (every 24 hours) for any automatic emails that may be stuck in the outbound email queue.


  • Here you would set the default Time Zone for your organization.


  • Schedules can be added to the Call steps in a Playbook. What a Schedule does is take into account a Contact’s local time in whatever Time Zone they are in, allowing you to reach more people without wasting dials calling them at lunch or after they have already gone home for the day.
  • Example: Let’s say you have a big list of 500 prospects from all across the US and Canada, spanning several Time Zones… by adding a Schedule to your Playbook’s Call steps, it would automatically filter prospects (in their local time) who currently do not fall into those hours you have listed in the Schedule.


  • You can create different page layouts, which you can use for different users, allowing you to customize the interface to your liking.




  • Here you will see a list of your user’s FrontSpin phone numbers, which they can both call out from and receive calls to.
  • If you hover your mouse over one of the users, you will then see a “reassign” option appear, allowing you to reassign a number to another user or even to and ACD queue.




  • This is purely optional step, but if you would like to segment your FrontSpin users into different groups, you may create the team names here.



  • Here you can see all of your FrontSpin users, and if you click on any of them, you will see an edit page (see the image below) where you can assign users to teams, set user’s time zones, change their Access level (see User Access Control Levels), assign page layouts to users, and reset user’s passwords.



  • An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is used to distribute incoming calls from a specified phone number (i.e. your website’s phone number) to the specific resources (sales reps, agents, etc.) on your team.
  • FrontSpin uses and internal phone number for the call routing. If you already have a public phone number you would like to still utilize, you can forward it to your FrontSpin-assigned ACD Queue number. In the PHONE NUMBERS > ASSIGNING NUMBERS section, you can reassign a FrontSpin number to an ACD Queue instead of a user, if needed.
  • The “Music on Hold” drop-down menu is populated by the audio files which you have upload to the AUDIO FILES section.
  • The “Strategy” can be Round Robin (each Sales Rep gets an inbound call in turn) or Most Idle (the most available Sales Rep gets the next call).
  • You may set additional options such as the Call Wrap-Time, Max Number of Calls per rep, Max Hold Time, etc. Finally, choose which reps you would like to add to the ACQ Queue.


This section is user-specific and does not apply to an admin (unless the admin will be actively using FrontSpin). See our FrontSpin New User Setup and Configuration Guide instead.


This section is user-specific and does not apply to an admin (unless the admin will be actively using FrontSpin). See our FrontSpin New User Setup and Configuration Guide instead.


This section is user-specific and does not apply to an admin (unless the admin will be actively using FrontSpin). See our FrontSpin New User Setup and Configuration Guide instead.



  • Audio files can be used in your ACD Queues as hold music. Click on “+ Add File” at the top-right of the screen.new-audio-file


This section is user-specific and does not apply to an admin (unless the admin will be actively using FrontSpin). See our FrontSpin New User Setup and Configuration Guide instead.


This section is of primary importance to FrontSpin admin users. To begin, you first need to connect your Salesforce Admin account to FrontSpin (or if you prefer, you may create a new Salesforce Admin called “FrontSpin API User” and connect that account instead).

For a full how-to video on the initial setup, connecting FrontSpin to Salesforce, click here.

In FrontSpin, go to SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS > SYNC. Here you will see a blue button called LINK ACCOUNT. Click this and enter your Salesforce Admin account credentials.

Note: Your browser may block the pop-up initially, so be sure to enable the pop-up if that happens and click LINK ACCOUNT again. 


Now that your Salesforce Admin account has been connected to FrontSpin, you may continue setting up and configuring your FrontSpin account. Please refer to these admin user guides:

  1. Salesforce Sync Preparation and Standard Fields Synced
  2. Mapping Salesforce Fields to FrontSpin

Note: FrontSpin will run your initial data sync after hours, so you do NOT need to initiate the sync yourself. By default we sync all Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities, but only 3 months of Activity history (in order to only show most recent and relevant activities). If you prefer longer Activity histories to be synced, please let us know how far back you would like this to be (6 months, 12 months, etc.).




  • Make sure to change your admin user password from your default password given by FrontSpin.


  • You may update your user Time Zone.
Updated on July 17, 2018

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