Release Notes 07.11.2018

What’s new in FrontSpin?

1) New “List users are allowed to work only with contacts that belong to accounts they own” option on Lists

Currently when creating a list, users have the option of restricting contact visibility to only the contacts they own. Now, there is a second option which allows users to only access contacts within the accounts they own. Users can select none, only one or both of these options. When both are selected, users will only see contacts that they own AND that belong to accounts they own.

With regard to automatic emails, if the new option is selected then any emails sent would be sent from the account owner’s connected email account. For leads, the behavior would remain the same as before (i.e. the lead owner will be the sender).

This new feature only applies to Salesforce contacts in the lists. Leads are treated separately and haven’t changed (i.e. leads would only be visible to the lead owner).

Updated on August 2, 2018

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