Release Notes 07.17.2019

1) List Tags

With list tags, users are able to organize lists/playbooks effectively into ‘folders’, making it easy to search and filter by them as users and admins build more lists for different purposes. For example lists/playbooks built for cold calling might be tagged with the “cold calling” tag.

Filtering by tags:

Users are now able to:

• Add and remove tags to individual lists

• Bulk add & remove tags to multiple lists at once

• Filter out lists views by tags

• Manage tags

• Tags are available under My Lists, All Lists & Shared Lists Tabs

Admins have the option to enable/disable new tags creation for the users (admins can create and manage tags by default ). In the users settings, there are 2 checkboxes allowing users to manage and create new list tags. If new tags creation is not enabled for the user, the user can apply existing tags to the lists but can not create new ones:

Users who have permissions to manage lists tags can edit/delete tags under Lists Tags Settings:


Updated on July 17, 2019

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